Only three broken cups!

It has now been over a whirlwind week since we returned from Boston.

Reality hit all of us pretty hard when we got back.  I’m not sure that any of the students would describe the common app, finalizing the first quarter, or catching up on tests as ‘flow’ experiences.  Nor would I categorize my gradebooks that needed to be tidied or catch-up work as immersive or enjoyable.

(The recommendation letters I had to finish writing for several of the Flow participants, however, were an absolute joy.)

We have quickly moved into our next project, with loose ends from this one still to finish.  Such is the way a school year goes.  But I can’t let this weekend go by without noting a few important thanks.

Christian Talbot for reviewing the proposal in advance of submission, giving the thumbs-up, rallying the financial support, tweeting and sharing our experience, and – in advance – helping us with the wrap-up.  We are deeply grateful, and we hope that we can share this project in a way that has community impact for our school.

Dave Griffith for insisting that I finish the proposal, sharing yours with me, and seriously being my favorite collaborator in the universe.  I cannot wait for the next book.  Also, to Brandon Som for the concept in the first place, awhile back, with summer crickets in the background.

Aliza Greenberg & the organizers of the Harvard AiE CtC Conference for accepting our proposal, answering all of our questions in advance, providing wisdom and advice, and your warm reception.  We hope that you were able to enjoy the entire event as much as we did!

Jackie White for humoring yet another of my crazy ideas, stocking us with clay and glaze, navigating a crazy van ride, and helping to keep a watchful eye over the whole experience.

Jamie Wasson for making the time to join us at the conference and helping us to document, while our hands were muddy and our minds busy.

John McGlinn for wisdom, finding the best Italian restaurant within walking distance of our hotel, guiding the boys around the city (and getting everywhere we needed to be on-time), thoughtful advice, and all of your warm support.  You can co-chaperone an arts department trip anytime!

Everyone we interviewed… thank you for making the time to have a meaningful conversation with us.  I think all of us can echo Drew’s comment: “I feel like I’ve become wiser with every interview I do.”  We learned so much from you, and we are grateful for the ongoing conversations sparked by our dialogues with you.

Parents… thank you for trusting in an unusual idea, for your overwhelming support of your sons along this journey, and especially for helping them to find balance along the way.  Also, thank you for overloading our van with snacks – even a couple of healthy ones!

And most importantly – Thank you to the student collaborators on this project.  Your trust, willingness to step outside of your (our) comfort zones, advice, flexibility, and open minds made this whole experience a joy.  I hope Flow was a thought-provoking boost for you, throughout the process and through sharing the product.  I’d collaborate with any or all of you, anytime.

There’s still more to come, but as we consider the wrap-up and sharing of this project, we will do so in a spirit of gratitude.


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