Flow in Teaching

While interviewing people at the conference yesterday and today, I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say. With most of the people at the conference being educators, there was a recurring theme in a lot of my interviews. For about half of the people, they said that their passion, their sense of flow, comes from their work. Hearing this was great – that people that teach find that they truly feel concentrated, and completely immersed while they are passing along knowledge to others.

In my opinion – I talked about in my interview – having a teacher be in flow is half of the winning recipe when it comes to education. The other half is the students.  Without them being fully into a lesson, then the efficiency of the teacher is lessened, and vice versa.  Taking a brief look at this microcosm, the teachers are fully involved and ready to give their all.  As a student the choice comes down to us whether or not to meet the teachers halfway.

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